Crissy Hollenbeck

Realtor® Extraordinaire

When Crissy is not out helping her client’s buy or sell their homes, she loves spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys yoga, meditation, gardening, riding her bike, hiking, skiing, SUP, camping, rafting, playing with her three dogs and spending time with her favorite blessing in the world, her 8-year-old son. She loves to travel the world and explore all the beauty Idaho has to offer. Crissy is a 4th generation Idahoan & grew up on the back of a horse helping her family with their farm out in Kuna. She will tell you that farm life has been one of the biggest influences in helping to mold her into the hard-working, dedicated real estate agent she is today.

There are not many people that have the willpower to keep up the rigorous routines that Crissy has dedicated her day to day to. However, her priorities are one of the reasons that she finds it easy to balance the coveted family time, self-development and the continual research and networking that she considers essential to her business model. When you hire Crissy as your Realtor you are connecting yourself to an individual who has the innate strengths of an analytic who exudes influence and steadiness in each of her transactions. Rest assured you will feel heard, engaged and will have the knowledge and information that will inspire financial literacy in home ownership.

It is a priority of Crissy’s to work as a team with her clients throughout the transaction but to also seek out, identify and spotlight the great opportunities in the Treasure Valley. She vows to not stop at the closing table. Providing up to date research of programs that will assist buyers and sellers in taking their destiny in their own hands is her true passion. She coaches her clients in ways that grant them the opportunity to use their properties to assist in a cash-flow opportunity. Her dedication to wealth creation through these programs, policies, and procedures is her motivation in real estate.

Crissy seeks to make it her personal legacy to be the light in people’s lives. This comes from her admiration for public figures like the Dalai Lama; and influencers she had first hand witness to in her own life, for example her loving grandfather. Transmitting joy and laughter to those she meets all the while inducing the feeling of confidence, connection, and inspiration in others are what she prides herself on.

Negotiations, education, and dedication are traits that she imparts to you as her client. For all these reasons and so many more, we are confident that by choosing Crissy Hollenbeck, you will be choosing one of the higher frequency, knowledgeable, fun and empathetic real estate agents around. Rest assured she will help you make great investments in your future.

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